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Review in brif

Ksenias individual skill is a combination of professional methods classical principals, perfection in every phrase, adjustment of every stroke, excellent timbre correlationAll these raised additional possibilities of the orchestra: soft sounding of the strings and holiday smartness of the woodwinds ("7 days", Sochi).

Ksenia embodied not the conductor-dictator, but intelligent conductor with a delicate sense of form and style( Peter Pospelov, Vedomosti).

This young beautiful woman held an orchestra in hands, and subordinated everything to her conducting power, will and vision. Due to this she reached perfect orchestra sounding, phrasing and articulation... (Week Mirror, Kharkov, Ukraine).

Ksenia Zharko conducted «Fledermaus» Overture brilliantissimo e molto grazioso... (Dmitry Morozov, “Culture” weekly issue).